March 7, 2010

Maple sugaring time is here!

A certain herald of spring, the sap is flowing in the sugar maples with low temps at night and days just above freezing. Perfect weather for tapping the trees and gathering the sweet sap to boil down into sugar-on-snow and maple syrup. I'm hoping to get my taps out in the next day or so. Maple sugaring is always a great time with lots of fun memories of staying up until the wee hours keeping the fire going; drinking maple "tea" from the evaporator.
Last year we had a group of students here for a demo. They tapped trees, gathered sap and sampled the thickening syrup. We also made individual size homemade ice cream and my favorite, sugar-on-snow. What a way to start off the spring season.
I'm expecting Gimbledorf to show up at some point to give me an update on the mountain folk now that things are beginning to thaw a little. You know, he has a good heart but sometimes he can be a little bit of a bully to the brownies. Robin usually puts him in his place. Fairies are good at that!

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