March 28, 2010

One of those days

It's been one of those days...rainy, gloomy and chilly. I woke up with a migraine today and it was already full blown so there was little I could do to thwart it's progress. So I battled it through early afternoon when it began to subside. I hate the feelings that are left head is numb on one side, my left hand's fingertips couldn't feel when I tried to pick things up, and I'm just a tad unstable on my feet. Thankfully, they don't strike very often...knock, knock.

I've been feeling kinda blue for a few days...sort of a worried, fretful kind of blue that wears me down. But aside from listening, encouraging, lending a shoulder to cry on, a little guidance and perspective adjustment with some gentle nudging, there's nothing I can do but pray. So...I'm just wandering along pondering my meanderings. And praying a lot.

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