November 13, 2011

Let the Insanity Begin!

Here's it is, early Sunday morning, mid-November and I've done it again.
I've allowed a huge list of to-do items to pile up and now I don't know how I'll finish them in time.
Of course the annual paring of the to-do list will take place soon as the pressure builds and my priorities change in proportion to the time I have to accomplish them.  It's crazy!
But, I will push ahead.

Yeah, it's officially time for the insanity that surrounds and, earlier each year, precedes the holiday season.

Just a few of the holiday activities we're hoping to enjoy include:

My daughter comes home from college for Thanksgiving.  Haven't seen her since August!  Please pray for safe journey home and back.
Extended family in for Thanksgiving and hunting season.
Thanksgiving itself
Hunting season ~ possible two weeks.
Hanging of the greens @ church and at home.
Romeo and Juliet ~ my oldest daughter is Juliet's companion. We'll be traveling to VA for this one!  So exciting!
Wind in the Willows ~ my youngest daughter is playing Mole.  She was the jailer's daughter but the fellow playing Mole left the production so she's taking his place.  It's going to be a quick learn because the show is the first part of Dec. All that means she'll probably be at the theater every night from now until show.
Then it's back to VA to bring my oldest home from college for a month!  Yippee!
Tree hunting.
Family and friends!!!
New Year's progressive dinner.
And a fun time until Goosie goes back to college in mid-January.

So, let the fun begin.  I'll adapt to the most important chores and fly by the seat of my pants for the rest.

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