April 10, 2011


Life is funny sometimes.  It has it's quirky little twists and turns.  And then it has some dead stops, u-turns and rerouting that make life an interesting and sometimes scary place to be.  Sometimes, we take the good stuff and the blessings for granted but, truth be told, we don't deserve even one of them.  But they are just that...granted... by grace.  Bestowed by a loving heavenly father who knows just how sinful we are but loves us just the same. 
Being in a certain place at a certain time doesn't make that so...spending our time with a certain group of people doesn't make it so either.  It's easy to spend time with folks who have the same worldview that we have but it's quite another to mingle with folks who see things differently than we do.  To show the love that has granted blessings and forgiveness to us is a difficult task.  Often it seems as if we want to keep it a secret so we don't lose it.  To convince folks that there isn't anything they can do to earn it is even harder.  Those who share our view of life don't need to hear or see what we think because they agree.  But the others...they're the ones who need to see the grace acted out through us.  Otherwise, what's the use?  If they see us acting like everyone else, what incentive do they have to to consider our point of view? 
So, don't judge me because I'm not where you think I should be.  Maybe I'm right where I'm supposed to be. 
'Cuz you don't know my heart. 

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