March 27, 2011

Sometimes I have this love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.  The whole idea behind it (and, no, I haven't seen the movie) is connections.  But sometimes, I just want to connect with my friends.  I'm lazy...I want to know how they're doing and what they're up to but I'd never take the time to contact as many people as my "friend" list contains.  I don't want to play games and I don't care about the games they play.  I don't want to be inundated with advertisements even if they are related to my areas of interest.  I don't want to unlock the answers to questions that others have answered about me.  It's nice to know my friends are thinking of me but I don't want to send all of them flowers or hearts or candy.  And I don't care if Farmer "Joe" has planted his corn or fed his cows.  So I block as much of that stuff as I can.  And even at that, there are enough pages that I've "liked" that fill my screen with "stuff", some of which I don't mind keeping up with but it doesn't have anything to do with my friends.
What's up with the new limits on posts or comments?  If they will only allow me to post a certain amount of characters, why do they allow me to type out an entire paragraph but only post half of it cutting me off in mid sentence?  And since "enter" is a normal part of typing skills, I prefer to hit a send, share or comment button when I'm ready to post something because I may innocently hit "enter" long before I'm ready to "send" what I'm trying to say.  Do you think they're trying to tell me something?

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