April 10, 2011

Sometimes I get this rambling feeling that keeps me from focusing...I just seem to be helpless.  And yet, when I have that feeling, I also feel like the words need to flow to make room or just to reorganize. 

It's kind of like a bunch of half thoughts drifting around looking for a place to anchor but not finding one, they just keep meandering until the speed of the chaos makes my head ache.  Once it passes, I'll have trouble remembering many of the thoughts that actually made me stop and realize they had some merit.  I don't like feeling this way. 
There are useful things in the mix and things that are nothing more than rambling...trouble is that I probably can't even say I pondered them but merely that they passed this way.  I think sleeping longer would have a very good shot at improving some of these issues but I can't seem to get more than 5 hours no matter what time I go to sleep.  Too many things fighting for the top of the pile...I know some of them were important and that I should have remembered them but even if I make an effort to write them down, many are lost in the time it took for me to realize it.  Then I'm left wondering what it was that I thought I should write down.  It frightens me to think about what the future will be if this continues. 

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