January 4, 2011

Back in the groove

I love the holidays...I really do but it's nice to get back into a routine.  Back to the comfort of a plan...hah!  Seems like every time I make a plan for my day, it's out the window before breakfast!  So rather than set a plan in stone that will inevitably be scrapped therefore ruining my hopes of getting as many things done as I'd like, I'm trying to set up a basic framework that will be more flexible.  There are certain things that must be accomplished each day and then there are those things that I'd like to do but are not going to cause chaos if they aren't realized until a later time.

Two goals that I've set for myself this year are to be more organized in all areas and to spend more time with the Lord.  I'll share more about reaching those goals later.

We should be back to our homeschool schedule but the flu is still hanging on here.  So I'm using the time to catch up on things that were allowed to slide over the holidays.  The list is longer than I'd like. 

We only have two weeks of Goosie's break left and I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by.  There are a few things she'd like to make before returning to college so those are on the list too.  She'd rather make gifts for her friends than go out and spend money on something that may only last a short while.  Plus she is rather protective of her funds because of college expenses. 
It's really funny to see how different two siblings can be from each other.  My younger daughter likes to earn money and she likes to spend it!  But I do have to say that she isn't blowing it on silly things and is generous when it comes to church and family gifts. I cannot believe that she will be 15 in less than 2 weeks!  I have so many fond memories of her as a chubby little baby but she's not chubby now!  She's grown into a lovely young lady. 
There are a lot of similarities between the girls, too.  They've been asked a few times if they are twins!  The 14 yo thinks this is great and the 19 yo isn't so sure!  I think their thoughts on that will change as they get older.

*Sigh*  I'm just meandering this morning.

Well, there's a pile of things waiting for me to tackle them this morning so here I go!

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