January 14, 2011

Today is going to be a busy day and I guess that's a good thing because I might be tempted to dwell on the fact that my oldest returns to college tomorrow after being home for a month.  I sure will miss having her around.  She's heading back with mixed feelings.  Excitement and sadness.  I'm sure once she gets on the road she'll switch into college mode and be glad to see all her friends again.  Still, it's tough on mom.  If you read this today, please send off a quick prayer for travel safety.  She's riding back with another student and I worry about young people driving in bad weather.  This weekend there will be lots of them on the roads returning to school.

Another reason today is going to be busy is my youngest's 15th birthday.  I can't believe it's been that long.  Ahhhh...lots of memories.  I'm really glad the girls could be together today.  Birthday Dinner tonight and final packing.  Where has all the time gone?

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