May 30, 2010

Finding the Joy.

Ever wonder why it's so hard to find the joy in life?  I think it has a lot to do with our perspective.  Sure, life holds many trials and hardships that seem difficult to rise above.  But I think it also depends a great deal on where our hope comes from.  If you've ever spent time with a cheerful person, you know what I mean.  There is something radiating from them that just makes you want to have whatever it is that gives them that joy.
We can plod along in our own little sphere of life thinking that we are secure because of believing certain things or growing up with knowledge that should or could give us the hope and joy we need but we rest there on the knowing part, thinking that we're right where we need to be.  But, we don't make it our own so we can't feel it.  We know it's out there, and we want to be "normal" but it's just beyond our reach.  Even our enemies believe the same things we do but they certainly don't take ownership of it.  They continually fight against what they know is true in order to overcome it and steal the joy...or keep others from finding it.
Where does your joy come from?  Can you see it but can't really feel it?  Step out of your box and make what you talk about into something of your very own.  Find your joy.  Then you will look at things in a different light.  Imagine how much better the good things in your life will be if you can view the world through a lens of joy that colors even you trials with hope and happiness.
And then share it with others... help them find their joy.  In doing so, your own joy will deepen and grow stronger.  When your joy flows into every aspect of your life, you'll find that it begins to reflect back at you.  It's a cycle that continues to increase in strength until people wonder what you have that they don't and they want to know the joy you've found. 
We're human so of course there will be times when we are discouraged and feel like we can't feel the joy.  But those times should not be the norm.  If you think you've found your joy, ask yourself, "Can others see the joy in me?"  "Do I cheer others or encourage them because the joy I've found is so strong that it flows out into all areas of my life?"  Or is it the best kept secret around?  Are you often gloomy and the victim of circumstances (even little ones) that continually overwhelm you, bringing you down and, consequently, those around you?  If that's true, maybe you need to ask yourself a different question.  "Do I really have the joy or is it a phenomenon that I know exists but I haven't accepted for my very own?"

2 thoughts about my meanderings:

Missy said...

How do you think like this at 6 am?? I believe in happy thoughts. This was a good reminder of how much I forget to appreciate who it might affect if I would let them show more. Thank - you for you honesty in reminding me..

wanderer said...

Haha. I'm a morning person. It was a good reminder for myself as well.

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