June 1, 2010


Having trouble taking my own advice today.  It's an emotional week for several reasons; some bittersweet, like the marriage of my bff's first born baby girl; some happy anticipation, like looking forward to the days ahead.  But, some hurtful, like words that cut like a knife; some regretful, like when I feel like a fool and some just...well...best not to dwell on it.  So, I'm eating worms this morning and reaching for the joy that I can almost feel...but there's a wall there right now.  I guess that's just me whining, which I hate.  Blah!  I could use a hug.

2 thoughts about my meanderings:

Missy said...

You should start eating things that might give you a hug first...Worms are just slimmy!!
I am so happy with the "room" could not be happening without you and the girls. I think some times we are working to long and getting to tired. Like last night and turning into "Mom-zilla" with Greg.Mark and Bob made some changes yesterday and u will be surprised at the difference it made to the pillars. GORGEOUS!!

I love ya!!

wanderer said...

You're a goofball! That's why I love you! Can't wait to see it.

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