May 6, 2010

At the link below, you'll find 20 reasons why real butter, made from raw milk is better for you than the alternatives.  Natural butter is hard to find in the store but it's easy to make at home.  If you don't have a butter churn, simply skim the cream from your raw milk, pour it into a quart jar, put the lid on tight and shake!  It's a good job for children.  If you get tired shaking, find a partner and roll the jar back and forth on the floor.  Just keep it agitated until it turns into whipped cream and then separtes again into buttermilk and butter.  When the butter clumps together, pour out the buttermilk and save for other recipes or to drink.  Add cold water to the jar and shake some more to wash out all the remaining liquid (which will sour the butter).  Add a little salt and work with a paddle or wooden spoon on a wooden cutting board to make sure there are no pockets of liquid left over.  Viola!  You've just made your first batch of homemade butter!

To make cultured butter, allow the jar of cream to sit at room temp for 12-24 hours before you begin shaking or churning.

We have a glass butter churn with wooden paddles and we modified a deep crock with a wooden lid and a homemade "stomper" to churn our own butter.  We've done the canning jar method with the kids when they were little too.  I'll try to post pictures.


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