May 12, 2010

On today's list...

Well, one teen feeling better and back to work and one who's gone back to bed to sleep off the effects of the current viral bug.  Part of me suspects the lack of desire to work on school projects but I can see that she's not feeling well.

Today I need to catch up on a few things like making laundry soap so I can keep up with the clothes, more cleansing facial mask, a batch of first aide salve, clean the refrigerator, make a different variety of scones, flatbread, and yogurt.  Whoa, I'm feeling a little giddy.  What are the chances I'll accomplish all the things on my list.  Truthfully, poor to fair.  Mostly due to the fact that my remaining sick teen just came down looking miserable and wanting her mama.  Funny how they don't need us when they are on top of their game but it doesn't take much to reduce them to children who want our attention.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all.  They are growing up much too quickly for me so I'm happy to set the chores aside and do a little mothering while they still want it.  I've my suspicions that it won't be long until they don't want it, don't need it or are too far away for me to give it. 

Time for some hugs.  And some of that comfort food...for the kids of course. :) 

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