February 12, 2010

I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder about 'things', ponder, if you will. For instance, why do some birds fly south for the winter while others seem quite content to stay right here? Why do cows always face the same direction? Why are men and women so different?

Heard a joke of sorts that always brings a smile to my face when I stop and think about it. Here goes...
God and Adam were walking in the garden one day. Adam seemed perplexed, he asked God, "Lord, why did you make Eve so pretty?" The Lord answered, "So you would like her." Again Adam seemed thoughtful and he said, "Well, Lord, Why did you make her so soft? The answer came, "So you would like her." Adam, still pondering asked, "And why did you make her so curvy?" The Lord wondered where all this was leading and He said again, "So you would like her. Adam, is there a problem here?" Adam looked up at the sky and then down at the ground. He rubbed his toe in the dirt thoughtfully. Then he looked up at the Lord and said, "Father, I have to ask, why did you make her so DUMB?" The Lord smiled and patted Adam on the back. He quietly said, "I did that, my dear boy, so she'd like you!" Teehee! There's some truth in there!

There's been a plethora of books written on the subject so I know I'm not alone here. When do they begin to learn to speak each other's language? Do they ever? Now that women are a great part of the work force and have studied alongside men in institutions of higher learning, they are a little more widely accepted in the career world. What does that do to the theory? Are the gut instincts still to keep those male/female guidelines in place? How does the fact that today's women want to be respected for their knowledge and not made to feel like they are "beneath" their mate in the area of intelligence factor into the guys' fragile world. Be it intellectual or physical, they still like to be the one in charge, the protector, the leader, the guy with the remote. And I guess when it comes right down to it, for the most part, we like it that way too. They wouldn't be who they are if they didn't feel that way...I would consider it 'beneath their manhood' if they didn't take on those roles. But I also think we should be more than just a pretty, soft, curvy, dumb female who likes them because we don't know any better...in their eyes as well as our own. Stepford wives may be the cookie cutter ideal of the submissive wife but they're not nearly as interesting as intelligent ones that you can have a heart to heart with. There is a happy medium in there somewhere. So, yeah,...sometimes I think about things...too much.

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