February 12, 2010

Fairytale or soap opera?

Is God in control? Absolutely! But will He make us do things He wants us to do or will He allow us to make our own choices? The story of Jonah comes to mind. But Jonah's choice was in absolute violation of a directive that was clearly given to Jonah straight from God. It wasn't that Jonah didn't know who God was talking to or didn't understand what He wanted him to do. He just didn't want to do it.
That's different than someone who is faced with two or more choices, none of which violate God's Word. Is it a toss up? Does it matter which one they choose? And if a door in one direction closes, does that mean that the whole idea is wrong or that they're looking in the wrong place or that while that option seems open and doesn't go against any biblical principles, it's not the direction He wants them to go? Can He bless us with two seemingly opposite choices, either of which is ok to follow? How do we know?
What about a fairytale written by God's fingers? Sometimes story's look that way and feel that way. They seem to be driven by one open door after another. Of course it's not smooth sailing all the time but basically, God's hand can be clearly seen.

Here's the beginning of a little story that's been wandering around in my mind for a while.

Once upon a time, there was a valiant young man who studied the ancient lore of a land far away. The young man longed for a chance to roam the hills of the old stories and share in the adventures of his kinsmen from ages past.
Far away, in the northern mountains of the same country, lived a virtuous maiden. The old tales of glorious battles against an ancient foe, fought and won with great sacrifice, inspired her as well. There was one bard who's tales of the lands across the sea were favorites of both the young man and the maiden.
The young man's heart was full of tales of his own that came spilling out in streams of words that painted pictures of lands and virtues too often forgotten. He dreamed of becoming an inspiring storyteller, like his favorites of old, who would influence future generations to pursue victory over the enemies of the one true king. He realised the power of such stories in the battle against a foe who seemed only to be buried for a time but to reappear in another form, never fully overcome until the king returned.
A plan began to grow in the young man's mind. If he could share his tales of virtue and quest for truth with others whose desires were the same, perhaps he could begin to make a difference. Together with his kinsman, who lived in the north country beyond the mountains where the maiden dwelt, he forged a plan to spread their tales and request inspiring stories from others whose quest was the same.
The maiden learned of the warrior and his plan. Intrigued by the idea, she began to correspond with him and even told a story or two of her own. Over the next few years, the two wrote back and forth occasionally, developing a friendship, but never meeting.
One summer, the young man realised that his travels would take him through the lands near the maidens home. Expressing his desire to make the aquaintance of one whom he had only known through letters, he wrote to the maiden once more. His request came as a bit of a surprise to the young woman but desiring the meeting as well, she acquiesced.

Now the question is, "What happens to them? Does the fairytale continue to unfold in storybook fashion or do the trials and misunderstandings of life get the best of them and their story become a soap opera that ends leaving everyone with a great sense of loss?

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga of a series of events that could go either way.

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