June 10, 2010

Things have been fairly hectic at our house for the last week so I haven't had much chance to write.  I've been working in the garden and on a few other projects.  June is always a crazy month.  The end of school, planting the garden, Bible school, graduation parties, then throw in a wedding or two and before you know it the month is gone. 
I'm not looking forward to this summer flying by as quickly as the past few have.  College seems so close, already.  As the days roll by I feel more and more protective of the time we have together. 
There have been a lot of things on my mind lately and the chaos that comes from all these things meandering around in here makes me a little melancholy at times.  I start to feel a little claustrophobic and nervous about getting it all done.  Especially with college prep added into the mix.  But it's not like I didn't see that coming and really, along those lines there isn't a whole lot more to do.  Maybe it's just the end of the cabin fever I felt in May.  I know I'll get through it but right now it seems a bit daunting.  I guess that's because I'm not putting my trust where it needs to be.  I can't do this alone.
We've made several lasagne beds in the garden and a row of straw bale beds along the fence.  One problem that I've seen so far is that there seem to be a few brazen voles moving in and they don't care who knows it!  Time for the cat to earn his keep!  I'm planting a variety of things that I've started from seed in the straw bales to see how well that method works.  I would like to put more layers on the lasagne beds but for now I'll settle for three layers.  We have a pile of dirt from the township scraping the edge of the road but I'm hesitating to use it because I don't know what else might be in the dirt from road treatment in the winter, etc.  I'm also wondering about the leaves that the township picked up along the road.  We have several piles from 2-3 years ago that have composted nicely.  But someone mentioned that because some lawns are treated with chemicals, the trees may have absorbed some of those chemicals through  their roots and my leaves may contain traces of it.  You know, there's only so much I can do. 
As busy as June always tends to be, you'd think I'd be more prepared for it.  And just when I think I can handle all the things I have to do, something else gets added to the pile.  I begin to feel a little flustered and overwhelmed.  Sometimes that makes me a little irritable and withdrawn.  I don't like feeling that way and I try to step back from all the hustle for a few minutes so I can relax but you know how that goes.  I guess that's one reason that I like to write here.  I can ponder and whine and vent and then step back and say, "Wow, I'm glad I got that off my chest!"

2 thoughts about my meanderings:

Missy said...

Wahoo hoo..your back!! See don't ya feel better know that you came in and had your daily PM!!!haha thats is so funny. I have already had to much coffee this morning. Just missed ya and thought you should know how much I enjoy your whining and thoughts of family growing. It makes me remember how raw life can be when we are forgetting to let Him walk beside us and even sometimes carry us through the icky stuff!! love ya

wanderer said...

Haha! Thanks! Love ya back!

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