January 27, 2010

What do I believe?

I'm really struggling to wrap my mind around a few doctrinal issues that have come to my attention lately. How important is it if folks who love the Lord discern His words differently? Are we responsible for our own choices or do we automatically make the choices God wants us to? If so, is that really a choice?

A paradox? Yes.

As I try to find more information on these issues and how my beliefs compare to those of others, I'm a little concerned. There are greater implications here than I thought. Some differences are huge. Can a person with my belief system, which I feel confident is based on Biblical principles, reconcile their faith with someone who's so opposed to them? It's been mentioned that some of those opposing believers question my salvation because I disagree with their theology. That's pretty tough to swallow. Knowing me and my limited attention span, it's hard to do too much digging at one time. Now that I've had a little break, its back to my study. Why can't I get my mind around these issues and get my apologetics straight?

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