January 28, 2010

Things I like...

Feeling a little blue today so I thought I'd borrow from Maria and list a few of my favorite things.

...fairy tales with happy endings but not so much the Bros. Grimm style. Sometimes, I like to write my own. ;)

..to laugh so hard I can't breathe, especially with my girls.

...to dance when noone is looking.

...to sing, strong and loud, even if I'm off key. Again when noone's around. ;)

...to be a part of whatever my girls are doing. And I don't mean just the driver!

theater...from both sides of the stage.

...to watch people fall in love. <3

...to help someone anonymously.

walking and playing in the snow!!! Lots of it today! I have a lot of fun plowing snow too.

chubby little puppies and kittens

girls night with my friends

Mary, who always makes me laugh!

seeing God in action.

knowing that people love me.

Ok...I'm feeling a little better now.

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