May 21, 2016

Time for a kitchen update!

My kitchen makes me happy...and cozy with a warm fuzzy 'at home' feeling.

The feel of cool slate beneath my feet...which are usually an earthy feel.  The colonial colors, the primitive border, the eclectic blend of vintage/antique furniture and accessories gives the room a warm and cozy feel.  And I love it here so I don't want to change it just tweak what we have while fixing a few things. More of an update.

In this photo you can see the wallpaper border that I chose to pull it all together.  It's been on these walls for about 16 years and I would pick the same one over again.  

The rag rolled walls started out with a coat of sunflower gold followed by a blend of glazes that gives it that pumpkinish color.


This turn of the century Sears and Roebuck cabinet was gifted to us years ago and has had several homes within the rooms of our house.  Once originally painted white, a color which has no place in this room, it is now a blend of barn red over Windsor green, combed over in wavy patterns so the green shows through.

This chalk board was in the basement of my childhood home and I spent many hours playing "school" with my pretend students.  Little did I know that one day I'd be using it to homeschool my own children!  Now that they are grown, it's a great place for messages or reminders, even the occasional artistically inspired chalk drawing or Bible verse.

When we originally painted the house we used one color for the walls and ceiling throughout.  It gave us a good base for any future paint or wall paper and made the move a little quicker since we moved in on Dec 15th and baby #2 came on Jan. 14th.

The kitchen ceiling is still the antique linen that we started with and it's time for a change.  So I'm thinking about pulling the Wedgwood blue from the flowers and birds in the border to give it a homey touch.  

There are patches of antique linen showing on the walls where we decided to rearrange the wall cupboards a while after the rag rolling was done.  We've ignored it for a while now and I'm ready to fix it.  I'm not sure I can duplicate the rag rolled colors or pattern so that it won't be an obvious patch job.  So going back to my wall paper border, the barn red keeps calling to me! 
Stay tuned to see what we end up with!

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