May 27, 2016

Limbic Imprints

So... I've been wondering and pondering an idea about why I feel loose ends...without direction...unable to feel my memory foundation.  Do you suppose that it has anything to do with limbic imprints?  I've been reading more and more about the memories that are unconsciously stored in our mind from birth and are recalled through the process of smelling something that takes us back to another time.  You've done that, right?  But what if those are not the kind of memories that you want to recall?  What if you, also subconsciously, suppress them in an act of self preservation?  And that act then leaves you feeling as if you don't have a starting point.  It's all in my head, I know this...but still...could there be a connection?

Pondering My Meanderings... with much herbal love, Wanderer

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