February 12, 2011

Every Once in a While...

I get a little melancholy but I can't really put my finger on the cause.
I'm blessed by something someone does or says unexpectedly.
I feel very close to God.
I feel like I'm invisible.
I'd like to go back about 25 years and redo a few things but keep the same people in my life.
I thank God for my trials.
I like to be alone.
I wish upon a star.
I'm thankful for God's great mercy toward me.
I realize I'm trying to carry the load by myself.
I smile at a stranger because they look lonely.
I eat things I know I shouldn't.
I feel guilty for taking time for myself.
I enjoy just being one of the kids.
I realize I'm getting old.
I feel like I could go away and no one would miss me.
I like to write stories.
I eat weird things.
I read children's book when I'm alone.
I talk to myself.
I feel angry.
I'd like to let go of my inhibitions.
I believe in magic... like in faerie tales.  Or Christmas  Or love... Or Aslan.
I stand in the yard and hold out my arms in the wind...as if I could fly.
I hope to see a shooting star.
I wonder what it would be like to be wealthy.
I realize that I have everything I need...and more.
I wish I had been born about 200 years earlier.
I think I see my favorite cat but realize that she's been gone for 5 years.
I hear my dad's voice.
I miss my family.
I like to make things.
I bite my lip and throw away something that could be used again.
I eat the last piece.
I find my strengths.
I sing really loud in the car.
I imagine all sorts of things.
I like to wear colonial or renaissance clothing.
I curse! But there's a limit to my choice of words.
I love to read fairy tales.
I wish I had more time to be creative.
I think that I could write a book.
I make homemade medicine.
I try new things.
I feel stuck in a rut.
I wander around aimlessly.
I talk too much.
I like to sit in the dark.  But sometimes I'm afraid of the dark.
I want to move into the mountains to be a hermit.
I hate the way people act.
I reach out to someone who doesn't know me.
I like to dance.
I try to fix other people's problems. (It can go either way.)
I love the smell of grass...and flowers...and pine trees.
I go into the woods to make up stories about dwarfs and wild straws.
I ponder the random meanderings of my restless mind.
I fall back in Jesus' arms and hide there.
I judge others.
I try to help people who are hurting...or stupid!
I swing on a rope swing in the tree.
I go rollerskating.
I laugh until my cheeks hurt.
I take people at their word and get burnt.
I'm surprised by the lack of verbal communication.  I like to talk face to face, not via txt or fb!
I long for the days when my girls were young.
I try to find myself in the menagerie that is me.
I wonder what the meaning of things might be.  I think too much!
I drink too much coffee.
I save too many things.
I like to take out my frustrations on my heavy bag.
I get sentimental about things I no longer use but hate to part with.
I feel rhymy and write a silly poem.
I wish someone would call me just to talk.
I have a tea party with my daughters or friends.
I keep secrets.
I forget.
I wish we were off the grid.
I like to hula hoop.
I like to be in community theater plays...on stage or behind the scenes.
I can't sleep.....like now.

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9 thoughts about my meanderings:

Annesphamily said...

I like your thought process here. You covered alot in a post! But it gives me info to know about people I meet here. Thanks for sharing. You are a great writer!

Judie said...

This is a brilliant piece. Some of it I can certainly relate to and some not so much, but one thing is for sure--Not being able to sleep certainly can put one's mind on the fast track. That happens to me a lot!

anitamombanita said...

I think what I loved most about this post was that it just felt real. And sometimes I can't sleep either...

Lola said...

Such a thoughtful ‘E’ post – so apt!

Have a great weekend,

Here’s mine

Sue said...

I'm with Anita. And it was fun to get to know you better.


Barbara F. said...

I really enjoyed your post, and I must say I do more than half of the things you do! You have done some serious soul-searching. It is wonderful to know oneself so well. Visiting from Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday Letter E. xo

Robin Lynn said...

Such an excellent note - poignant and very moving. Thanks for sharing your heart with us - I think you have company for many of what was mentioned, but, you know, it every once in a while ... Blessings to you and yours and you have a *new follower*. Come visit anytime @ http://robinlynnsroad.blogspot.com/2011/12/excellent-eating.html

Andy said...

Sounds to me like you're just living & enjoying life!
I'm glad I stopped by.
Thanks for sharing.

For ref:
Eleven Roses And You

Jenny said...

I really enjoyed reading this.

Your thoughtfulness and thought process are intriquing and enriching.

Thanks for a very unique take on the letter "E".

You are always a joy to visit.


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