November 28, 2010

That was fast!!!!!

Goosie is on her way back to school after spending a week here at home with us.  It was so much fun having her here and I can't believe it over!!!  But on the up side, she is in her first college play and we'll be going to see her, and then shortly, bringing her home for a long break, between semesters, over the holidays and beyond.

It's almost the same but not quite.  And I know it's true for everyone and only to be expected but once they've been on their own at college, they've officially become grown-up to a point.  Used to answering to no one, living in a schedule that centers on their world with hours that make me tired just thinking about it.  Not that it's a problem...just different.  So, it's a little strange coming back home where not much has changed and you find all the things you've missed but you've left part of yourself in that new world where life is so much faster.

Anyway, I'm feeling like such a bad mom because I just realized that we didn't take one picture while she was here...not one!  It was just a laid back time with little excitement and time just spent being together.

This week is the opening of It's A Wonderful Life! here in town and my youngest daughter will be playing in that one so we'll shuffle in a trip to see Goosie.  Plenty to do in the next few weeks and then the holidays will be upon us and gone. 

Now, let's think about those Christmas decorations!!!!

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